NAFAS DAMAI (Peace Breathing)

NAFAS DAMAI (Peace Breathing)


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So many of people tend to go through their daily life on autopilot mode, which is essentially the opposite of being present AND “alive”.

They act unconsciously and even creating thoughts without conscious realization on what they are doing at the now.



Physical pain is in sync with emotional pain. Many studies over the years have shown chronic pain maybe caused by both physical injury or trauma and emotional issues. This body pain is due to the tension that seated in your meridian systems and energy field which, scientists have noted, holds emotional trauma and memories.


Have you ever always feel sleepy or fatigued and sluggish? These symptoms are describes as lethargic.

This condition not only causes by physical or medical condition but it may the result of emotional issues.

Many of you have grown up with conditioning to bottle up your feelings for the sake of being a “Polite Person”. You hardly expressing yourself which lead to suppression and at the some point of time you might become a “Volcano” to others.

Daily stressors like traffic jams or even managing family every single morning can cause anyone to feel anxious. Plus, many of you seem to having lesser time with yourself because you are too busy on putting other people first. Sometimes you don’t even realize you’re in the state of chronic stress which can lead to worsening the anxious feeling.


Do you ever feel like your life has gotten stuck? Every single day feels just like the day before it, and months pass without you feeling any sort of growth. Or your life might in the state of stagnancy. Nothing move forward even an inch? Over time, hopes diminish, and you find yourself going through the motions of daily monotony without any dreams or excitement on doing something. To extend you might feel like your lives are going nowhere. If you don’t know what you want, what can you strive for?




I used to experience all that before.
Every kind of pain in my body to the most extreme which is migraine for 41 days. From visiting medical practitioner to every single alternative medicine that even exist to just on trying to heal my severe migraine, none of it are working out which I ended up surrender completely everything.  
From that moment, with the corrective I was given by God in my heart,, I was able to heal my 41 days migraine, acute gastric, and anxiety... I released the tension in my muscles of my Belly and respiration to open up my airway and breathe like a new baby in relax manner.
Nafas Damai is invented through my own experience with my migraine, and then has helped me integrate my corrected breathing patterns into my prayers and daily movement.
This integration really helps when you’re praying, walking, do things in our business around the office, or even making a connection playing with your kids.





Nafas Damai is the best technique you will learn to activate Parasympathetic Nervous System and Creating High Level of Energy. It is a mindfulness tool which is very practical, applicable anytime anywhere in any kind of situations. There are three crucial steps in Nafas Damai which every single of it has its own purposes. Here is why Nafas Damai:
Nafas Damai Step 1 

Our energy body system has powerful bio chemical factory that are either working with us or against us. Being able to take the control of our natural ability to regulate our hormones is a SUPER POWER that gives us an ENERGETIC AND MAGNETIC ENERGY.

The first step is called Nafas Damai Step 1 where the purpose is to help you:

- RELEASE THE ENERGY BLOCK. Energy block often seated somewhere around your body based on what emotions you are in. Somehow it’ll also show up in the form of emotional feeling such as anger, resentment and even bloating.

- TO FLOW THE TENSION INSIDE YOUR BODY WHICH CAUSE BODY PAIN. As energy block seated in your body which eventually will create the feeling of tension where lead to body pain. Certain part of the pain body may indicate the different emotional problems you encounter at the moment.

- WAKING UP YOUR BODY’S NERVOUS SYSTEM. The nervous system is involved in receiving information about the environment around you (sensation) and generating responses to that information (motor responses) which it’s play vital role inside our body. In this case, it’ll increase your alertness for the things around you which will make you more grounded and centered every single second.

- SPARKING BRAIN GROWTH. One of fascinate research developments involving controlled breathing it can be an actual increase in brain size. More accurately, the brain experiences growth in areas associated with attention and processing of sensory input. This effect may seems to be more noticeable in older people, which is especially good news because it’s the reverse of what typically happens as you’re age—gray matter usually becomes thinner. 

Nafas Damai Step 2

The vital purpose for Nafas Damai Step 2 is to specially MASTERING THE FEELING OF BEING SURRENDER WITH TRUST. To surrender in spirituality and religion means that a believer completely gives up his own will and subjects his thoughts, ideas, and deeds to the will and teachings of a higher power. It may also be contrasted with Submission.

When we surrender, we turn our ego and self-will over to a deeper wisdom and knowing within us—our higher self. When we surrender to our higher self, we let go of the painful distortion of certainty, duality, and separateness, and we embrace the truth of uncertainty, connection, and unity. Mastering surrender with trust is actually something that you need to look into seriously.


Nafas Damai Step 3


Nafas Damai step 3 is to generate what studies have shown that feeling grateful releases oxytocin—a hormone that helps you feel happy, safe, and calm. Grateful people also tend to exercise more, visit the doctor less, feel happier, spend less money, inspiring Others and Be The Lights for Others.

“Gratitude brings freedom from seeking and Needing something else You already have. When you’re grateful for what you have, you’re not consumed with wanting something different or something more,”

You’ll be experience a whole new level of what BEING GRATEFUL ENERGETICALLY feels like in this step.       



Unless you’re ready to access your emotions and willing to flow with no expectation for the result and to eager TO LIVE YOUR BEST POSSIBLE LIFE

The power of Nafas Damai technique is about building a practice. We want your life to shift and transform for a beautiful evolutions so Sasanti have design this course to support you.

What you need to provide:

1.       Believe. Believe in yourself and Believe that the Nafas Damai can help you.

2.       Patience

3.       Diligent, Consistently and Continuously

4.       You flow with all the process

5.       Not expect things to change faster

 When you’re dive deep within your heart, you’ll find a wisdom why “BREATH” is something that makes the entire creation on earth are ALIVE.

Face to Face Thru Zoom

- Live interaction and Full engagement with Sasanti to help you acknowledging every single question that you have.

- Direct live experience and guidance on practicing every steps of Nafas Damai included additional practices that might resonate during the class.

- Classroom experience of Recorded Module for about 5 Hours and plus. You will be provided with the special link of the recording which you can do anytime at your convenient. The recording will always be available so you can access it with no time limit.

- Handy handout of The Steps of Nafas Damai and Energy Body Chart for your reference.


Pre – Recorded

- Classroom experience of Recorded Module for about 1 Hours and plus. You will be provided with the special link of the recording which you can do anytime at your convenient. The recording will always be available so you can access it with no time limit.

- Handy handout of The Steps of Nafas Damai and Energy Body Chart for your reference
Bonuses for Taking Both Packages

- You will be connected directly to Sasanti on any issues that you face on your daily life.

- Entitle to be invited on any FREE SESSIONS which is meant to be eligible only for the advance alumni.


Let’s do this together by joining with us in this journey. Get yourself a tool and jump up a step ahead to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.
The Video Module will be available inside the LINK that we give you after the purchased, so you can access it anytime, anywhere for the rest of life at your convenience. 
Let’s do this together by joining with us in this journey. Get yourself a tool and jump up a step ahead to become the BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF.

Nafas Damai (Pre-Recorded) by Sasanti Auk Murat.

RM188 RM188

Nafas Damai Face to Face Session thru zoom with Sasanti Auk Murat.

RM350 RM350
RM150 RM150

"Sharing from Brother Kenny Loh , Nafas Damai Alumni who had closed 1 case for RM 420,000 , Today ( 10/5) all CONFIRMED . Alhamdulillah
This is His Sharing To Me: 

Every morning, I would do my breathing exercise and just thank God and the universe for the blessings.
I would start off by getting rid of all negative thoughts, fears, lack of confidence. But one important thing is that I don’t ask for big polices to close.
I just feel gratitude and thank God and visualise and feel what it is like to close all these cases. And I totally believe that it will be so.
It’s very important to get rid of any uncertainty or negative thoughts.
Then I will continue to breathe and enjoy the thoughts of this success.
I feel that if I continue to ask God for something every day and if it does not happen quickly, after a while, I will not believe and have doubts.
Better to smile and just enjoy the feeling of success and blessings.
Many times when I’m doing Nafas Damai, I can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit. Because of this, I feel confident and believe that He will bless me.
I practise step 1 - 3
Every step in Nafas Damai is important and I think success comes from all the steps
If one cannot get rid of the negative thoughts, how can the positive thoughts and blessings happen
* You must make sure the universe only listens to your good feelings because you are staying in tune with your feelings.
With Blessings, Kenny Loh"

"Assalamualaikum Sis Auk. Saya  , baru pagi harini saya start dengan class pre recorded Nafas Damai..
Just want to shared that, for the first time saya lakukan EARTHING Technique ( breathing secara berdiri untuk Membuat energy block dala tubuh saya kembali Flow) dan melepas energy Radiation dari Tubuh saya...saya dapat rasakan meremang bulu roma saya berkali-kali..sehingga dapat rasakan getaran macam electric apabila saya melakukan teknik breathing.
SubhanaAllah... saya sangat rasa amaze Sis.. kerana saya dapat merasakan hal itu.
Dan saat itu juga saya menguap berkali-kali.
Next apabila saya buat steps Nafas Damai 1: saya dapat merasakan bahagian belakang bahu saya yang sakit dan lenguh
beransur hilang...dan saat itu juga berkali-kali saya burping..
Ya Allah Alhamdulillah Bahagian baju yang lenguh itu tidak rasa sakit lagi.. SubhanaAllah... saya dapat rasakan itu Sis...
Saya Akan buat siri ulangan utk step 1 Supaya saya makin master tentang ini, & next baru saya proceed to the next.
Thank you very much for being sharing the good thing for me.. it’s so helpful..
Sila Sahabat saya..register masuk kelas Nafas Damai saya Pre Recorded. Its only RM 188. You will have a life Time access sepanjang media ada. 
Salam Kami, Beyond Lights"
"Waalaikumussalam ibuuuu
mashaAllah….smbilll lompat lompat lompat ya Allahhhh excitednyaaaa THANK YOUUUUU IBBUUUU…ibuuu saya sama Nafas Damai , tapping MBP fear, marvellous 8, dgn selawat tafrijiyyah yaAllah ibuuuu case dtg dr mana2 ajaaaaa…
Jadi mcm addicted gitu ibu…tadi close, semalam close, kemudian masuk msg mau tmbh hibah..Allah ibuuu…
anddd nowww with this present im sooooo OVERWHELMED!!!! bergetarrrr saja hati ini…THANK YOUUU SOOO MUCHHHHH ibu for your kind doa and wishes for me on my birthday…i can’t thank you more,beautiful doa coming from my beloved coach..aminnn ibuuu..
it’s ok ibu..i truly understand your situation there..saya titipkan selawat dan AlFatihah buat your beloved brother..i pray Allah shall ease everything for him and your family..i pray Allah will return more great fullness for health, rezeki, and kemudahan kehidupan di dunia dan akhirat for u and family.
i can’t thank you enough for all your kindness, ilmu, doa, love towards me and my family too.
i will share this with the names that you have mentioned ibu..
lotss of hugssss and kissess and loveeeee from meeeee…I LOOVEEE YOUUU TOOO
❤️ Sh"

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