Compassion in a simple words : Its like we put salt in running river and The River wash away without got effected By it.  Its still clean, and yet Purifiying. -SASANTI AUK MURAT

Compassion is the medicine we most need as individuals and as a species to heal suffering and free our spirits. 
And while we each have the capacity for love and compassion, it is by intentional practice that we develop a truly wise

and caring hearts.
Radical Compassion introduced to Public through my Life experiences life technique meditation as a powerful spiritual technology for cultivating compassion in the face of difficult emotions, limiting beliefs and conflicts with others. 
Through the Aknowledgement, Acceptance, Allowing, Understanding Our own suffering and Self Forgiveness... we can awaken the qualities of mature compassion—an embodied, mindful presence, active caring, and all-inclusive heart.
I’m excited to offer this resource to guide you as you explore Radical Compassion, and my hope is that these inquiries will enrich your path of healing and awakening!
With Loving Blessings,

Sasanti Auk Murat





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